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21 05 2015

This website  has some information about my work, publications and CV.

Please click on the links below to find out about my main research and clinical interests which include:

1. Understanding how Child and Adolescent Mental Health services can better meet the needs of children and young people.

We are currently running the  Online Pupil Survey– which in 2019 was completed by over 4000 students in 36 Oxfordshire schools, and is currently recruiting for the 2020 survey to completed by pupils at home in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and Berkshire. The information for this study for Parents, Pupils and Schools are here. The results from this work will inform how we can better develop  school-based mental health services which is one of my main interests.

We have also been involved in trying to evaluate the impact of a number of initiatives across child mental health services, including our work in schools. Here is the protocol of our study and please contact me if would like a copy of final report. We are also studying the mental health impact of school-based peer mentoring, part of which is a systematic review of studies, as well as a pilot of an intervention in some secondary schools.

2. Poster for schools on low mood. Free to use and download: Schools low mood poster

3. Developing a better understanding of adolescent consent to mental health treatment: whether, when, and how adolescents can consent to their own treatment. This is an area of research I am currently working on and would welcome anyone interested in this area to contact me.

4. Training school staff to deliver a mental health toolbox: Recently completed study. contact me if you would like to know about the materials developed.

5. Refugee children’s mental health needs.  We have made a series of 6 podcasts on the Mental health of refugee children. Do listen!

6. Narrative Exposure Therapy

7. Effects of Immigration Detention

8. Childhood ADHD

8. Eating disorders: 2 BMJ articles for families and clinicians on what to do in the early stages of an eating disorder.

9. My clinical work is in the Oxford Psychological Medicine Centre at the Children’s Hospital

I occasionally tweet on the above: @minafazeloxford

Please email me with any questions you might have.